Maggie struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder. Her anxiety manifests as Otis, a nagging multicolored character who spends his day whispering insecurities and encouraging repetitive tasks.

In Maggie’s Friend Otis, read how Maggie began to rethink her relationship with Otis and question the need for her compulsions.


At a young age, Maggie Grace began struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD disrupted her life, affecting everyday activities such as riding in a car or being tucked into bed at night.

As a rising sixth-grader, the disorder progressed to the point where Maggie and her mother made the decision to homeschool. As an assignment, Maggie’s mother asked her to draw what OCD looks like in her mind. A few hours later, Otis was conceived.

Otis became the face of the disorder. More importantly, Otis represented something separate from Maggie. OCD isn’t Maggie, but now is personified by “someone” she tolerates. Maggie began saying, “Mom, Otis is really giving me a hard time today,” or Maggie’s mother would say, “I’m not talking to Otis anymore right now.” OCD isn’t gone, but the family found a way to live with Otis.

Today, Maggie is a junior in high school. She enjoys dancing and spending time with friends and family, but Otis remains a lifelong companion. In an effort to help other kids coping with OCD, Maggie wanted to introduce Otis to the world through this book.

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